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Chester Montana

The town of Chester is a small community in the north central part of Montana. It is located on Hwy 2 halfway between Havre to the east and Shelby to the west. The picturesque Sweetgrass Hills lie to the north between Chester and the Canadian border. The town has approximately 850 residents and serves as the county seat for Liberty County. 

Chester began as a watering and coal loading station for the Great Northern Railroad steam engines around 1891. But the town didn’t really take off until the homesteaders began flocking to the area a few years later. The name “Chester” was chosen by the first telegraph operator here and named in honor of his hometown in Pennsylvania. In 1910 the town incorporated.


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April 21, 2018

Flooding Update: 

The flood danger level has been lowered for the citizens of Chester.  Property owners please be aware that the possibility of flooding is still present and it is the property owner’s responsibility to protect private property.  Cottonwood Creek is at full capacity and homeowners in the low laying areas and on the north side of the tracks, are encouraged to store sandbags to protect their property in case of additional flooding caused by heavy rain fall or additional runoff.  If property owners do not want to keep or store sandbags, please load onto a pallet and call the City Office and they will be picked up. 


Town of Chester





Cheetos’ Chester Cheetah is running for mayor of Chester! No really.