Welcome To Chester Montana!

Chester Montana

The town of Chester is a small community in the north central part of Montana. It is located on Hwy 2 halfway between Havre to the east and Shelby to the west. The picturesque Sweetgrass Hills lie to the north between Chester and the Canadian border. The town has approximately 850 residents and serves as the county seat for Liberty County. 

Chester began as a watering and coal loading station for the Great Northern Railroad steam engines around 1891. But the town didn’t really take off until the homesteaders began flocking to the area a few years later. The name “Chester” was chosen by the first telegraph operator here and named in honor of his hometown in Pennsylvania. In 1910 the town incorporated.

The Town of Chester is currently closed to the outside public due to exposure to Covid-19. 

The city is working very hard to make sure everybody’s needs are taken care of.  

All payments can still be made via check, cash or credit card. If you have any questions you can contact Ashley at the City Office 406-759-5635. 


  • Cash & check payment can be made by placing it in the drop box located at the City office or by mail to Town of Chester, PO Box 644, Chester, MT   Please make sure all payments are clearly marked with your account number and name. 



  • The landfill will be open Tuesday’s and Friday’s 1-3. No key will be given out from the city office. 


  • If you need assistance with your water, sewer or garbage services, please contact the office at 406-759-5635, the on-call phone at 406-390-5635, or the Public Works Director at 406-390-5883.   


Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep our community safe!



For your convenience The Town of Chester offers multiple payment methods to help the general public with social distancing.   Please feel free to drop your payment in the drop box located in the shop door, pay with credit or debit card by visiting  the Town Website, www.chester-montana.com , or mail in your payment to PO Box 644, Chester, MT  59522.  If you have any questions about your bill or want to make a payment over the phone, please call the office at



Thank you for helping to keep our staff and community safe!  

What goes down, may come up
Tips to prevent sewer backups during the
COVID-19 era

The news is full of stories that show toilet paper shortages throughout the country,
including shortages in the State of Montana. As a result, people may choose to use
other products that aren’t meant to be flushed, such as baby wipes, paper napkins,
or paper towels.
If you are running short on toilet paper and opt to use paper towels or wipes of
any kind – even those marked “flushable” – please DO NOT FLUSH! You may think
flushing a single paper towel or wipe each trip to the bathroom is not a big deal,
but those flushes add up. Items other than toilet paper can clog the sewer. This
can endanger public health and the environment. It can also cause damage to the
sewage system and sewage treatment plant and damage your home or property.
This damage is costly to you and the city. Remember, service lines from your house
to the sewer main are your responsibility.
Instead of flushing paper towels or wipes, they must be thrown in the trash.
To keep your home clean and healthy, remove the trash regularly and place it in a
secure garbage bin outside.



Cheetos’ Chester Cheetah is running for mayor of Chester! No really.