These minutes remain unofficial until approved by the council at the next meeting. 


 Submitted by  Clerk/Treasurer

December 11, 2019

 Regular Meeting


The Town of Chester Council held the regular scheduled meeting on December 11, 2019.

Members Present: Mayor James Dahlen Council persons Wendy Dauwalder, Rachel Ghekiere, Shane Kenfield, Tina Neer, Scott Ross, and Tonia Wickum


  • Members Absent:
  • Staff Present: John Kleinsasser (Public Works Director)

                              Ashley Wickum (Clerk/Treasurer)

  • Guests: Terry Tyler


  • Mayor James Dahlen called the regular council meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
  • Swearing in of Elected Officials: James Dahlen was sworn in as Mayor, Rachel Ghekiere was sworn in for Ward III , Tina Neer was sworn in for Ward II , and Scott Ross was sworn in for Ward I .
  • Public Comment: None
  • Tonia Wickum made the motion to approve the minutes from the Regular Meeting November 11, 2019. Tina Neer seconded the motion.  Motion to approve minutes passed with all voting ayes. 
  • Claims were presented to the council for approval. Scott Ross made the motion to approve the claims submitted for payment. Shane Kenfield seconded the motion.  Motion to approve claims passed with all voting ayes.
  • The council reviewed the adjustments and journal entries made in November. Rachel Ghekiere made the motion to approve the JV & Adjustments.  Tonia Wickum seconded the motion.  Motion passed with all voting ayes. 
  • Sheriff’s Office Report: Copy was faxed to the City Office by Ellen and presented to the council.
  • New Business:
  • Resolution of Intent: Change Town Council Meeting Time from 7:00 pm to 6:00 pm:  Shane Kenfield made a motion of intent to change the town council meeting time from 7:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  Tina Neer seconded the motion.  Motion passed with all voting ayes.  Notice of Intent will also be posted.   
  • MMIA Insurance Menu Option: Mayor Dahlen presented the council with information from MMIA on the menu options, Council member Shane Kenfield shared information about the high deductible plan and health savings account options.  Mayor Dalen recommends that the Council continue to provide the same amount of insurance benefits for the full-time employees that have been provided in the past, but allow the employees to pick what plan works best for them.  Mayor Dahlen recommends that the Council continue to keep the amount of the benefits offered consistent with the cost of the Madison plan.  There is no burden to the town to allow the employees to pick from the menu.  Council member Scott Ross asked guest Terry Tyler what he thought and Terry agreed that it would be nice to have the option.  Tonia Wickum made the motion to continue with the amount offered equal to that of the Madison plan, but to open the insurance options to Menu to fulltime employees and council members.  Scott Ross seconded the motion.  Motion passed with all voting ayes. 
  • Bruce Jeppeson- New Water Connection Fee: Bruce Jeppeson is looking at purchasing property along HWY 2 to the east of the Roadhouse Bar.  There are currently no water or sewer connections to the property.  He is interested in connecting to water and sewer and has talked at length with John Kleinsasser.  He would like to hook to the fire hydrant which would not disrupt the street so he would like to have a reduction in the connection fee.  Council discussed options.  The property will need to have both water and sewer connections and will work with John, the PWD, to make sure the correct option is utilized.  Either connected behind the Roadhouse Bar or pushing pipe under HWY 2.  Connection fee is $1250, and the cost for the town to connect the line is $2500 if it does not disturb the street or gravel roads/alleys.  His total cost would be $3700 to the city, and it is his responsibility to hire the pipe placed from the building to the curb shutoff. 
  • Urban Supervisor NRCS- Megan Hedges for Board Position: Tina Neer made the motion to appoint Megan Hedges for another term as the Urban Supervisor with NRCS.  Wendy Dauwalder seconded the motion.  Motion passed with all voting ayes. 
  • Chamber Bucks: Tonia Wickum made the motion that the council purchase chamber bucks and give each full-time employee $75 in chamber bucks.  Wendy Dauwalder seconded the motion. Motion passed with all voting ayes. 
  • Old Business: Mayor Dahlen revisited the letter for donation from Hardin, the consensus of the council is to not donate at this time. 
  • 1st Aid/CPR training is $18/card and will not be mandatory but optional.
  • The City was awarded the Grant for the purchase of an AED for the Pool. Northwestern Energy $500, Triangle Telephone $1000, and the Chester Lionettes $800.  Thank you cards will be sent out. 
  • Additional Agenda Items: John Kleinsasser asked the council if they would like him to get his CEC’s this spring so that he can keep his license for two more years, allowing him to help during his transition from PWD to retirement.  Mayor and Council all agreed that this would be a good idea. 
  • PWD Report: John Kleinsasser updated the council that the tin in the new shop is almost done and then they will be able to do the insulation in the attic.  Weather is keeping them from fixing the meter pit at Kammerzell’s.  John also asked for clarification on if water lines freeze like previous years, what he should do.  This will be handled case by case as no policy has been made on it. 
  • Clerk update: Ashley Wickum had no update for the council.
  • Council Report:

Shane Kenfield reported that Jessie Anderson, with the MX Motel, contacted him and is upset about the EDU rate for the 1 ½ inch line that he has.  John will go and double check the line size to ensure that the correct EDU rate is being applied.  Shane will also let him know that he has the option to contact an engineer to determine if he could go to a smaller line size.  Tina Neer commented that the town will be having a large influx of people coming in from the project at the Lake. 


Shane Kenfield made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Tina Neer.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm.




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