These minutes remain unofficial until approved by the council at the next meeting. 


 Submitted by  Clerk/Treasurer

 Regular Meeting

The Town of Chester Council held the Regular Scheduled Council meeting on November 10, 2021 at 6:00 pm. 

 Members Present: Mayor James Dahlen Council persons, Shane Kenfield (phone), Wendy Dauwalder, Rachel Ghekiere, Tonia Wickum, Tina Neer, and Scott Ross

 Members Absent:

 Staff Present:  Terry Tyler (PWD)

                        Ashley Wickum (Clerk/Treasurer)

 Guests: Susan Brurud- Bear Paw Development        

 Mayor James Dahlen called the regular meeting to order at 6:00 pm

  • Wendy Dauwalder made the motion to approve the minutes of the Regular council meeting October 13, 2021, with a spelling correction to line #6. Tina Neer seconded the motion. Motion to approve minutes passed with all voting ayes. 
  • Claims were presented to the council for approval. Rachel Ghekiere made the motion to approve the claims submitted for payment.  Wendy Dauwalder seconded the motion.  Motion to approve claims passed with all voting ayes.
  • The council reviewed the adjustments and journal entries made in October. Tonia Wickum made the motion to approve the JV & Adjustments.  Rachel Ghekiere seconded the motion.  Motion passed with all voting ayes. 
  • Public Comment: Susan Brurud with Bear Paw Development wanted to update the council on the ARPA application status.  Chris Hayes has been working with Terry and Ashley to get the water application updated, and it will be resubmitted before January.  There is a new certification form and an SRF form to sign.  The mayor signed both of these forms.  The SRF form is to get put on the list for additional funding should the town have a need for it for either of the projects.  Susan anticipates that the town should be receiving MCEP, RRGL and RD grant funds to use towards the wastewater PER documents.  The Town has also made the decision to use the County’s minimum allocation ARPA funds towards wastewater project to clear up any confusion on the applications. – Susan Brurud left the meeting.
  • Sheriff’s Office Report: will be emailed to the council members.    
  • New Business:
    • Building Permit:
      1. Liberty Medical Center is building a concrete pad with a lean-to over it for the U-Shoppe drop off area. Tina Neer made a motion to approve the building permit as submitted to the council.  Scott Ross seconded the motion.  Motion passed with all voting ayes. 
    • Old Business: The Mayor updated the council that He, Terry, Ashley, Chris Hayes from RPA, Susan Brurud from Bear Paw, DNRC, and Anna Miller from SRF all meet via phone/video to review the water application and that they didn’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be scored during the second submittal.  The scope of work has been revised by Chris, James and Terry, and Chris will be working with Susan to resubmit the application.  As stated during Susan’s public comments, the counties money will be used towards the waste water project not towards the water, eliminating confusion on the scoring.
    • Mayor Report/ Additional Agenda Items: The mayor updated the council that their will be an appreciation event put on by Amtrak on Sunday, November 14 from 1-4 pm at the Liberty County Senior Center.  All are welcome to attend.  Terry has been working with the Rhonda with Amtrak to coordinate the planning.  A representative from Amtrak came up earlier in the month and met with the mayor, Terry, and Ashley to discuss projects the Town might have or ways Amtrak could make a donation to the community.  This discussion was centered around doing something for the entire community, county, and surrounding communities, focusing on something in the park.  Amtrak is planning on doing a presentation to the town for a contribution at @ 2:00 pm.  The are also setting up a tent on the north side, and Terry has talk to the county and the property owner to get permission for this. 
    • Also, the December meeting falls on the same night of the Christmas stroll, what date would work for the council to meet to not interfere with this. Council decided to move the meeting to Thursday 12/9/2021 @ 6:00 pm.  Ashley will make sure to send out a reminder to the council.   
    • PWD update:
      • Terry Tyler, updated the council that both Crockett and Shawn have passed the written portion of their CDL and Crockett has also passed the driving portion. He will receive a $.50 raise on his paycheck on November 25th.  Shawn will retake the driving portion on 12/9.  Both Crockett and Shawn attended the water school and tested for water distribution but results have not been received yet.
      • The crew is currently working on getting the street sweeper back up and working, they are waiting on parts, and hoping to be able to sweep before it snows.
      • The new water tower has a leak on the circulation pipe, and the parts to fix it have been ordered and the crew should be able to get it fixed next week when the parts come in.
      • Terry is continuing to work with Christ with RPA to provide the information they need for the PERS. Chris and Jeremy were up and did a walk through to look at the updates on the water plant and to see if they can devise a plan that would provide more contact time in the plant, it may take away some of the work space. 
      • There was a sewer plug at 234 West Monroe Ave. When the line was dug up it was noted that the service connection was not cut out when the line was pipelined in 2019.  Terry has been in contact with PEC, the property owner, and the people doing the work.  The bill will come directly to the Town and the town will work with PEC to pay the repair bill. 
      • Terry wanted to know if the council wanted him to set up for the company to come talk to the council about the tower maintenance plan that he gave them last month. There is no cost to the town to have them come talk about the plan.  Council that this would be good to do after the first of the year.  Ashley will talk to the Auditors about the cost of the plan if we are required to put it out to bid due to the cost of the plan. 
      • Clerk update: Ashley Wickum updated the council on a notice to renew the licensing for the radio call frequency.  The council would like to look into this, so Ashley will.  Ashley will also be doing online training for BMS and is still working with Neptune for the meter reader.  For the December agenda, the oath of office will be done, and also wanted to know if she should look into chamber $ .  Council said yes as in the past for December claims.  Also, looking for a new website platform, because it isn’t user friendly.  Still continuing to provide information to RPA for ARPA.  Clarified again that a $.50 raise will be given to Crocket Burrows on his November payroll. 
      • Council: Tina Neer wanted to know if the garbage was being dumped at the Grand Bar as it’s been unusually full lately. Terry will confirm with the crew that it is, and if it continues to happen then will look to see if it is possible that someone is dumping from out of town. 
      • Rachel Ghekiere made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Tina Neer seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 pm.




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