These minutes remain unofficial until approved by the council at the next meeting. 


 Submitted by  Clerk/Treasurer

May 15, 2019


The Town of Chester Council held its regular scheduled meeting on May 15, 2019.

Members Present:        Mayor James Dahlen Council persons Scott Ross, Rachel Ghekiere, Wendy Dauwalder, Tina Neer, Tonia Wickum, and Shane Kenfield

Members Absent:       Staff Present:   John Kleinsasser (PWD)

                                    Ashley Wickum (Clerk/Treasurer)


Regular Meeting

Guests: Lisa Moisey- (Bear Paw Development), Cory Decker, Darrin Stanley, Rita Chvilicek (Pool Manager), Robert Padmos (Liberty County Attorney)   

  • Mayor James Dahlen called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm
  • Public Comment:
  • Lisa Moisey with Bear Paw Development presented information of funding options for the storm drain. TSEP applications will be opening soon and Great West has information on a PER.  Council’s feels that the town could do the storm drain project without grants, by way of budgeting and CIP.  Lisa has the town on schedule for the Homeland Security grant for a generator and will assist were she can for updating the CIP and in any way for the storm drain.
  • Rita Chvilicek- Pool Manager, updated the council on the pool. She has 7 applications, and training is being planned for either in Sunburst 25th & 24th of May, or there is a possibility of doing the training her.  Ashleigh Byer, the Sunburst Clerk/Treasurer provides the training.  It will depend on the temperatures at night if the pool is ready in time to do this.  Johanna will help with lessons and currently scheduled for June 17-24.  There is still a possibility for a swim meet July 6, 7, & 8.  Jerry Brinson is the swim coach again this year. 


  • Rachel Ghekiere made the motion to approve the minutes of the regular council meeting April 10, 2019. Tina Neer seconded the motion. Motion to approve minutes passed with all voting ayes.
  • Claims for May 2019 were presented to the council for approval. (Claims: check # & Payroll): John Kleinsasser informed the council that the Lakeside claim is for extra videoing done during the project due to an issue with a connection.  There will need to be a budget amendment for the FEMA money and BaRSSA money done in May.  Tonia Wickum made the motion to approve the claims submitted for payment. Shane Kenfield seconded the motion.  Motion to approve claims passed with all voting ayes.
  • The council reviewed the adjustments and journal entries made in April. Ashley Wickum asked for permission to adjust Acct #   due to the frozen water line.  Council approved this adjustment.  Tonia Wickum made the motion to approve the adjustments and journal vouchers. Shane Kenfield seconded the motion.  Motion passed with all voting ayes. 
  • Sheriff’s Office Report: Copy of report faxed to the City Office by Ellen and presented to the council.
  • New Business:

Cory Decker – Final Bill

Cory Decker and Darrin Stanley were present to explain the final Bill.  #1 The consulting fee was added to accommodate for the extra calls and trips.  Cory talked to council member Shane Kenfield about this at the time.  #2 The pumper truck was added as it was needed in order to pour the floor once the floor heat was decided on as you can’t drive on the pipe.  The cost wasn’t added in the beginning because they didn’t know the amount.  #3 The extra concrete was due to the level being off.  The metal had to be upgraded from 25 yr. to 45 yr. metal to match the color, but this was not added to final charges. 

The total amount paid out for the shop is $91,825.00, the total still needed to be paid is:  $1295.00 from the original bill to upgrade from 2×6 to 2×8 and $620 for the building not being connected and the final presented bill of $5693.00 the total is $7,600.  Shane Kenfield wanted it noted that he was just trying to help mitigate and keep things in control.  The council agreed that they have learned a lesson, and all future contracts will be more formal.  Tonia Wickum made the motion to pay the total amount of $7,600 once Cory submits a final bill with all of these itemized.  Wendy Dauwalder seconded the motion.  Motion passed with all voting ayes. 

  • Robert Padmos- Liberty County Attorney

 Robert wanted to take the opportunity to share what the County is doing to control the drug problem in the City and Liberty County.  The County contracts with the Drug Task Force out of Havre.  Drug convictions are harder to convict then regular crimes.  Open communication is the key and firsthand information is what is needed.       

  • Approval of Building Permits

Council reviewed all building permits.  Rachel Ghekiere made the motion to approve all submitted building permits

  • Gary Layton – Storage shed
  • S&M – Carol Aitken – Ramp
  • Neil Swartz- Pole Barn
  • Susan Nordstrom- Replace Existing Deck

Tina Neer seconded the motion.  Motion passed with all voting ayes. 

  • Approval – Agreement for Swimming Pool Facility- Scott Ross made the Motion to approve the agreement.  Tina Neer seconded the motion.  Motion passed with all voting ayes. 
  • Approval- Swimming Pool Pass and Lesson Rates –Council reviewed the current rates. Scott Ross made the motion to leave all of the pool rates the same for this year.  Wendy Dauwalder seconded the motion.  Motion passed with all voting ayes. 
  • Old Business:
  • Mayor Dahlen discussed the water line at Tyler Streit’s rental, this will need to be completed ASAP. The clerk will send a letter to the property owners so that this process can be started.  The Garage apartment is being used as an apartment.  This is also another reason to update our water policy.  Mayor Dahlen would like to create a committee to work on it and recommends, Scott Ross, Tonia Wickum, and Shane Kenfield. 
  • Additional Agenda Items:
  • Mayor Report: Updated given under Old Business
  • PWD Report: John Kleinsasser reported that Jerry is taking his water distribution test in Helena.  The sewer project is going well.  The pipeline portion went great and PEC was a good crew to work with.  There were only 4 hook ups that were connected that they were not sure if they were active or not but there were not tree roots in them.  All of the ones with tree roots were inactive lines.  Add to sewer policy to dig up and cap all old sewer connections and put new service lines to the main.  The open dig section along the creek is not going as well, but the inspector is making sure that they follow all of the standards and we will want to make sure we video that line before the 1 year mark. 
  • Clerk update: Ashley Wickum, updated the council on Clerk Institute.
  • Council Report:
  • Tina Neer made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Shane Kenfield seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.


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