These minutes remain unofficial until approved by the council at the next meeting. 


 Submitted by  Clerk/Treasurer


May 9, 2018


The Town of Chester Council held their regularly scheduled meeting on May 9, 2018.

Members Present:        Mayor James Dahlen Council persons Wendy Dauwalder, Tina Neer, Scott Ross, Rachel Ghekiere, Shane Kenfield, and Tonia Wickum (acting Clerk)

Members Absent:       None

Staff Present:              John Kleinsasser (PWD)


Guests:                        Tia Jacobson and Jim Vinson


  • Mayor James Dahlen called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.
  • Public comment: Jim Vinson commended the Town for the actions and hard work taken during the flooding of Cottonwood Creek. The volunteers, County, City and everyone worked so well together in their efforts to sandbag homes and areas that experienced high water. Good job, everyone! And thank you so much!
  • Scott Ross made the motion to approve the minutes of the regular council meeting April 11, 2018, the special emergency meeting of April 18, 2018 and the special bid opening meeting of April 23, 2018. Tina Neer seconded the motion. Motion to approve minutes passed with all voting ayes.
  • Tina Neer made the motion to approve the claims submitted for payment with the correction of US Bank Visa that was entered twice. Rachel Ghekiere seconded the motion. Motion to approve claims passed with all voting ayes.
  • The council reviewed the adjustments and journal entries made in April. Tonia Wickum made the motion to approve the adjustments and journal vouchers. Wendy Dauwalder seconded the motion passed with all voting ayes. 
  • Sheriff’s Office Report: None

New Business:

  • Mayor Dahlen read a letter submitted by County Commissioners in regards to Councilman Scott Ross’s behavior on April 18th in regards to the flooding of Cottonwood Creek. Mayor Dahlen and several council members had been notified of unsettling behavior of a council member. Councilman Scott Ross spoke of his recollection of events. Tia Jacobson and council members asked for a few clarifying remarks. Mayor Dahlen asked for a motion to appoint the remaining 5 council members to investigate the situation. Tonia Wickum made the motion and Tina Neer seconded the motion. All voted ayes except for Scott Ross who abstained. Legal advice will be sought by the Town in regards to the investigation.
  • A Procurement Policy was presented for adoption and approval of the Council. This is a policy on purchasing items for Town use. Tina Neer made the motion to adopt the policy. Wendy Dauwalder seconded the motion and it was passed with all voting in favor of.
  • Rachel Ghekiere made the motion to approve the swimming pool pass and lesson rates. They will remain unchanged this year. Tina Neer seconded and the motion was carried with all voting ayes. Notices will be posted around town with lesson dates and costs.


Old Business:

  • Mayor Dahlen stated that the bid for the proposed shop addition had been approved at the meeting of April 23rd. The floor heat had not been approved at that time. It has been determined that floor heat can be installed for a difference of $5000 over radiant heat, the cost of floor heat is approximately $14,000 and the cost of radiant heat is approximately $9,000. Shane Kenfield made the motion to approve floor heat for the new shop. Wendy Dauwalder seconded and the motion was approved with all voting ayes.
  • Additional Agenda Items:

The Mayor expressed his gratitude for everyone that assisted with the flooding.

  • PWD Report: John Kleinsasser stated that Bob Mattson had questioned about the cost of the meter pit for the Lions Rest Area Park. It was decided to bill them for the difference between the supplied ¾ inch meter and the 1 ½ inch meter that was used. Mr. Kleinsasser also stated that spring street sweeping has begun. The first time through is mainly to pick up the worst.  Also the swimming pool filling will begin tomorrow and the sidewalks to be poured soon. And the new garbage truck is scheduled to be delivered next week.
  • Clerk update:
  • Council Report: Tina Neer asked if the Town is aware of a dog running loose. It seems that it has been seen by a lot of people. Mayor Dahlen stated that he would look into this.      
  • Tonia Wickum made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Tina Neer seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:52 p.m.