These minutes remain unofficial until approved by the council at the next meeting. 


 Submitted by  Clerk/Treasurer


Regular Meeting

The Town of Chester Council held the regular meeting on January 14, 2021

Members Present: Mayor James Dahlen Council persons Tonia Wickum, Wendy Dauwalder, Tina Neer, Rachel Ghekiere and Shane Kenfield

Members Absent:  Scott Ross,

Staff Present:        John Kleinsasser (PWD)

                              Ashley Wickum (Clerk/Treasurer)

Guests: Terry Tyler    

  • Mayor James Dahlen called the web ex regular meeting to order at 6:03 pm
  • Public Comment: None 
  • Wendy Dauwalder made the motion to approve the minutes from the regular council meeting December 9, 2020. Tina Neer seconded the motion.  Motion to approve minutes passed with all voting ayes. 
  • Claims were presented to the council for approval. Tonia Wickum made the motion to approve the claims submitted for payment.  Rachel Ghekiere seconded the motion.  Motion to approve claims passed with all voting ayes.
  • The council reviewed the adjustments and journal entries made in December. Rachel Ghekiere made the motion to approve the JV & Adjustments.  Tina Neer seconded the motion.  Motion passed with all voting ayes. 
  • Sheriff’s Office Report: was faxed to the office by Ellen and presented to the council members for review.
  • New Business: none
  • Old Business: none
  • Mayor Report/ Additional Agenda Items: Mayor Dahlen reported to the council that he and John Kleinsasser, PWD, met with Aumri Brinson on January 12, 2021.  Employment was not working out and termination took place during probationary period under direction and council of Town Attorney.  Mayor Dahlen would like to advertise to a wider range of candidates, including posting on Facebook, Rural Water, Great Falls Tribune, and Havre Daily News.  He would also like to review the job description and job posting to make sure that expectations for certification/licensing requirements are clear and obtainable.  Clerk Ashley Wickum will forward the current copies to the council to review before advertising.  The Town received an update from the Rocky Boy NCRW on Kevin’s request to get out, and Ashley will forward this to the council as well.  Mayor Dahlen is going to ask that Jim Zaddik phone in to the council’s next meeting to discuss the Town’s options and next steps. 
  • PWD Report: John Kleinsasser reported that the 2nd round of new meters is being installed.  Currently 20 have been replaced and more have been ordered.  The meters south of town have been replaced and a meter has been installed at the pumphouse so that he can check for water loss between the lake and town by comparing readings.  He has ordered and will begin replacing the 1-inch meters intown.  The new meters catch more usage and are more accurate.  The tin for the walls at the new shop has been ordered.  After the wind yesterday all garbage containers have been located.  The meter for the water plant was finally received, however, it was still not working correctly and John and Dave had to call into tech support to fix it, and it is now working correctly. 
  • Clerk update: Ashley Wickum reported that the audit will be March 15, 2021.  The Clerk Institute has been cancelled and they will be offering video web classes as an alternative.  Also, an internal control training is being offered.  Ashley will send out copies of the employee policy and current capital improvement plan so these can be reviewed by the council and begin working on updating them.  Ashley will also email Bear Paw Development to see who would be the contact person to work with for the Capital Improvement Plan updates. 
  • Council Report: None
  • Rachel Ghekeire made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Tina Neer seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 6:57 pm.




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