These minutes remain unofficial until approved by the council at the next meeting. 


Submitted by Abbey Aitken Clerk/Treasurer


April 8, 2017

The Town of Chester Council held their regularly scheduled meeting on April 12, 2017.

Members Present:        Mayor Noel Walston, Councilpersons Tina Neer, Scott Ross, Rachel Ghekiere, Shane Kenfield, Wendy Dauwalder and James Dahlen,

Members Absent:       None

Staff Present:              Abbey Aitken (clerk), and John Kleinsasser (PWD)

Guests:                        Tonia Wickum, Johanna Johnson and Jacqueline Ross

1          Mayor Noel Walston called the regular meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

2         Scott Ross made the motion to approve the minutes of the regular council meeting of March 8, 2017. Wendy Dauwalder seconded the motion and it was passed with all voting ayes.

3         James Dahlen made the motion to approve the claims submitted for payment. Rachel Ghekiere seconded and the motion was passed unanimously.

4          The council reviewed the adjustments and journal entries made in March. Rachel Ghekiere made the motion to approve the adjustments and journal vouchers. James Dahlen seconded and the motion carried.

5          Public Comment: None

6         Sheriff’s Office Report: None

7          Rachel Ghekiere made a motion of intent to amend the budget for the Street Maintenance Fund. An additional $12,000 is necessary for gravel, sand and salt purchased for winter use. The fund was under budgeted. Tina Neer seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

8          Submitted for Council approval was the Group form for employee health insurance benefits. The council discussed the option of allowing elected officials to request health insurance through MMIA. This would be done at the full expense of the elected official. The Town pays 100% of the full time employee’s health insurance. Scott Ross made the motion to approve this action. Scott Ross seconded and the motion was passed unanimously.

9         Rachel Ghekiere made the motion to change the status of the pool manager to a Seasonal employee instead of a Temporary employee. This would allow Johanna Johnson to be automatically reinstated each year as Pool Manager and allow her to earn vacation and sick leave prorated to the hours she works. Tina Neer seconded and the motion was carried.

10       Old Business: Last month the council reviewed an agreement between the Town and the Liberty County Airport Board. The agreement was presented to the LCAB and met with their approval. Scott Ross made the motion to adopt this agreement which lays the foundation for billing and charges for new water and sewer service lines at the airport. Rachel Ghekiere seconded and the motion was passed unanimously.

11       John Kleinsasser reported that Karla Kulpas with the Community Development Committee had inquired of the possibility of an ice skate swap program. The Council agreed the idea is good and hopefully will be pursued but the Town will not be able to facilitate the program.

12       John Kleinsasser reported that the Department of labor and Industry conducted an inspection of the water treatment plant and the lagoon facility. A few of the findings included hand rails on the catwalk at the water treatment plant and covers for open electronics on the SCADA panel at the lagoon.

13       John Kleinsasser presented the council with estimates for the purchase of a new garbage truck. Options of replacing the Rapid Rail System on the existing truck were also discussed.

14       Johanna Johnson inquired on the cost of pool passes and was told the passes would remain the same this year as last year. The Swim Team Meet will be June 24th and 25th which is right in the middle of swim lessons. Swim lessons will remain June 19th through June 30th.

15       Abbey Aitken reported that council members who’s terms are up at the end of 2017 is Wendy Dauwalder for Ward 2, Shane Kenfield for Ward 1 and James Dahlen for Ward 3. Anyone wanting to file for Council members of these Wards must file between April 20th and June 19th. If a Primary election is necessary it would be September 12th and the General election is November 7th.

16       Invitations were given to Council Members from the Chester Ministerial Association to attend the Baccalaureate Service for the class of 2017. The service is May 7th at 7:00 p.m.

17       Mayor Walston reported that several applications has been received for the full time position with the Town. A decision will be made in the near future. The temporary position for summer mower will likely hired next month. A few applications have been received for this position as well.

18       Mayor Walston stated that he would like to officially make Terry Tyler second in command of the Public Works Department when John Kleinsasser is away. Additional compensation was discussed. This was tabled for decision at next month’s meeting.

19       Park improvements were discussed. Mayor Walston would like to purchase additional park equipment with the Cheetos donation money. Bark will have to be purchased and raising the existing playground area so it doesn’t fill with water.

20      Mayor Walston stated that he has a Bear Paw Development Corporation meeting in Big Sandy Thursday, April 20th. And the next day on Friday is a training for anyone interested in being on the board.

21       James Dahlen made the motion to adjourn. Shane Kenfield seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 8:17 p.m.