The new agenda is posted on the Monday afternoon before the council meeting



Regular Council Meeting

October 11, 2017


7:00 P.M.


Guests: Michele Turville

1. Call to Order: Regular Meeting
2. Public Comment
3. Approvals:
a. Minutes of Regular & Special Council Meeting, September 13 & October 3
b. Claims
c. September Adjustments and Journal Entries
4. Sheriff’s Office Report:
5. New Business:
a. Assignment of Committees
b. Intent to Raise Garbage Rates
c. Waste Water Project – RGGL Grant
d. East Shop Addition Proposals – Discussion
6. Old Business:
a. Garbage Truck update
7. Additional Agenda Items:
8. PWD Reports/Comments/Concerns:
9. Clerk Reports/Comments/Concerns:
10. Council Comments/Committee Reports:
11. Adjournment